Grannie’s Scarves is live at Amazon!

Finally got my third coloring book for Adults for sale on Amazon!  I’m stoked and working on the next one already!

My own grandmothers scarfs are what motivated me to do this book and I had a lot of fun thinking back to the days of my childhood.  My sister and I would play dress up with them. They felt so good brushing across the skin.  And they felt frilly and pretty draped around our shoulders or tied around our waist.  They really brought out our femininity.

Yes, those were the good old days!

BTW….I’m always looking for subjects for a new book so if anyone thinks of something that would be cool for coloring, anything that has a lot of details to color..feel free to leave me a suggestion in a comment!

You can pick up a printed copy at Amazon by clicking on this link

Or Get your Kindle edition HERE!   (Comes with a link to a downloadable PDF of entire book for printing!)

Scroll down for a couple of pages from Auntie V.’s Vintage Vault – Grannie’s Scarves!

First Love your self

Good things


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